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I am developing an application where I need to use BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) in it. As I am new to BlackBerry development, I don't know how to do it.

Actually, I have gone through many sites and I came to know that I need to install BBM SDK. As I am developing my application using BlackBerry Webworks, I want to know how to integrate BBM in BB Webworks, and other thing is as per one note in BlackBerry site as: "The BlackBerry Messenger platform does not support 64-bit Java, or Java 7. "

As I am using Windows 7 (32 bit version), I think that Java installed in my desktop is 64-bit. So, does the following BBM works in my system otherwise I need to go for Java with 86-bit.

As I am new to this development, any small help will be appreciated.

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Here we go. This link has all the instructions that you are looking for.



Naveen M

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