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I have the following table:

| id | Homephone    |
| 1  | 454454125    |
| 2  | 47872154587  |
| 3  | 128795423    |
| 4  | 148784474    |

I have around 40.000 rows in the table.

I want to format Homephone values as following:


i.e. after every 3 numbers I want - (hyphen).
How to achieve this using MySQL?

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what is your current mysql code? What have you tried? If it is for a website, do you happen to be using a server-side language? (PHP, JSP, Python, Perl...) –  Jocelyn Jul 7 '12 at 11:56
in PHP application i want this one –  paramesh Jul 7 '12 at 11:57
but in phpmyadmin i created table without hyphon(-) for homephone column but i want to change now......... –  paramesh Jul 7 '12 at 11:59
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2 Answers

You need to wite a udf for this

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i will try for UDF thanks Shashi Kant –  paramesh Jul 7 '12 at 12:09
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Basically, you need to create your own function (so called UDF - User Defined Function) and run it on the table.
There is a nice function by Andrew Hanna posted in String Functions chapter of the MySQL Reference Manual. I fixed a small mistake there (replaced WHILE (i < str_len) DO by WHILE (i <= str_len) DO.
There are two steps (two SQL queries):

  1. Create the function. It has three parameters: str - the string to be modified, pos - position of the character being inserted into the string, delimit - character(s) to be inserted:

    CREATE FUNCTION insert_characters(str text, pos int, delimit varchar(124))
    RETURNS text
        DECLARE str_len INT;
        DECLARE out_str text default '';
        SET str_len = length(str);
        WHILE (i <= str_len) DO
            SET out_str = CONCAT(out_str, SUBSTR(str, i, pos), delimit);
            SET i = i + pos; 
        END WHILE;
        -- trim delimiter from end of string
        SET out_str = TRIM(trailing delimit from out_str);
  2. Run the function...

    • ...for testing purpose (select, no update):

      SELECT insert_characters(Homephone, 3, "-") AS new_phone FROM my_table;
    • ...to update the records:

      UPDATE my_table SET Homephone = insert_characters(Homephone, 3, "-");

Please try to analyze the function line by line. This example may help you to understand the subject.

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