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I'm new to Windows azure. I've browsed the web but stuck at the moment. Here is my problem. I've deployed a web role and uploaded a certificate. I also configured the domain name.

In the control panel certificate name is *.mydomain.com. My website responds to mysubdomain.mydomain.com. In the properties of my azure project, in certificates tab I added a certificate with name Mydomain and copy pased the Thumbprint of my certificate from the control panel.

Then in the Endpoints tab I added an endpoint

   Name: Endpoint2
   Type: Input
   Public port: 8080
   Certificate: Mydomain (the one I recently added)

Then I published the project via Visual Studio.

But it doesn't open via https. What I'm missing?

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I've solved the Issue. I had to change the public port from 8080 to 443 and everything worked fine.

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