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I am using OpenSSL for a cuda project.

I just imported all the project from win to linux (Eclipse)

I solved all the dependencies except this annoying error:

Invalid arguments ' Candidates are: int BN_set_word(bignum_st *, ?) '

for this line:

BN_set_word(two, 2);

and the function itself says in the bn.h

int BN_set_word(BIGNUM *a, BN_ULONG w);

Where BN_ULONG is defined as:

#define BN_ULONG    unsigned long

Neither it works if I do something like

unsigned long q = 2;
BN_set_word(two, q);

Because it returns

Invalid arguments ' Candidates are: int BN_set_word(bignum_st *, ?) '


BN_ULONG q = 2;
BN_set_word(two, q);

that gives

Type 'BN_ULONG' could not be resolved

What is the problem?

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Sounds like you forgot to #include <openssl/bn.h>.

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@Junbogram That line was present in the included header. However the problem is some unknow bad config coming from windows... I created a new Project and imported piece by piece and it worked. I will mark your suggestion as answer because is related to that in anycase, thank :) – elect Jul 11 '12 at 9:04

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