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I tried to work with html5 drag&drop api, and it works very well on my chrome 20.0.1132 on windows machine, but most fun - that the same version of chrome on mac os lion is not working. I mean dragstart is working, but drop event, dragleave, dragover is not fired. Here is html:

<form id="fake_form" action="#" >
            <div id="canvas_wrapper" style="overflow: hidden;width: 600px; position: relative;border: 1px solid black; margin-left: 30px;">
                <canvas width="600" height="300" >

Here is javascript:

    var canvas = $('canvas')[0];
    canvas.addEventListener('dragenter', function(e){
    }, false);
    canvas.addEventListener('dragleave', function(){
    }, false)
    canvas.addEventListener('dragover', function(e){
        return false;
    }, false);
    canvas.ondrop = function(e){
    /** OTHER CODE **/

If it helps: on safari on the same mac - it works, i`m dragging image tags some of them have draggable attribute, some of them - not. Just checked - on canary mac version 22 it works.

UPDATE: i figured out that there is some magic with dragstart event, if i delete line with this e.dataTransfer.setData('src', src_var) everythings become working

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Solution for this problem - when you use e.dataTransfer.setData the first argument should be the right mime type, i changed it to text/plain and everything is become working

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