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I have a form to create a new Player in /players/new.html.erb

<%= form_for(@player) do |f| %>
<% end %>

which I want to include in the home page.

If I just copy-paste the whole form I get this error: undefined methodmodel_name' for NilClass:Class`

I can include the form in an iframe

  <iframe src=../players/new.html>

but this shows the whole page with headers and footers.

How can I include the form, ideally directly from the file (i.e. no copy-paste)?

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your form_for requires at least @player to be present

if you really want to include that form on your home page then in your home controller action initialize new Player instance:

@player =

but you must be aware that views of PlayerController (or whatever controller you have that form created for) can rely on having access to helper methods from PlayerHelper so you might need to also include that in your HomeHelper

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brilliant, thank you! – Michael Jul 7 '12 at 14:29
... except that if the home page is index and is visited frequently, you are instantiating a Player each time. Also actually processing the form may get tricky as you may now need to modify the index method to handle Player creation. So I would make the action of the form be a different method, which creates the player and redirects back to index. – Michael Durrant Jul 7 '12 at 14:33

I would move the fields into a partial and reuse those on the homepage and the other pages. Keep in mind that will have set the url in the form_or for it to work.

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