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I have a legacy ActiveX component which runs embedded in IE. Now I want to perform some action when IE window minimized and maximized by the user. Can anybody provide any clue on how to do that?

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I'm not an expert in this topic. But after some research what I could find was,

To sink Internet Explorer events from the activex control, you have to set up the event sink, which means you must obtain the IWebBrowser2 interface implemented by Internet Explorer when it loads.

See this document for more info on Handling internet explorer events

In IWebBrowser2 I could find only find IWebBrowser2::FullScreen and IWebBrowser2::TheaterMode to be somewhat similar to your requirement. However, there is another property IWebBrowser2::HWND that you can use to get the window handle of internet explorer.

On a wild thought, (I don't know whether its applicable for activeX controls) consider Using hooks.

Also found: IE add-on development: capturing keyboard input outside tabs

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