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Is it possible to set turn the default spell checker on by default. Without clicking the button in the toolbar each time?

I am using the default browser spell checker functionality in the browser.

setup: function (ed) {
    ed.addCommand('mceSpellCheckRuntime', function() {
        t = ed.plugins.spellchecker;
        if (t.mceSpellCheckRuntimeTimer) {
        t.mceSpellCheckRuntimeTimer = window.setTimeout(function() {
          t._sendRPC('checkWords', [t.selectedLang, t._getWords()], function(r) {
            if (r.length > 0) {
     = 1;
       }, 3000); //3 seconds

        ed.pasteAsPlainText = true;


    ed.onKeyUp.add(function(ed, e) {
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Nope, this is not possible due to the fact that there are so many possibilities of using a spellchecker in tinymce. The user may however define on which events the spellchecker should check (that's what you already did).

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Its quiet possible........:)

Try the below code.......

ed.onInit.add(function(ed, e) {
  setTimeout(function () {
  tinyMCE.activeEditor.controlManager.setActive('spellchecker', true);  tinymce.execCommand('mceSpellCheck', true);
 }, 1);
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