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$(document).ready(function() {                      
        $('form#search').bind("submit", function(e){                            
                var query1 = urlencode($('input[name="user_a"]').val()); //userA


    		   alert('JSON data string is: '+data1.status); });

this is a code that takes json feed from twitterrank.com and displays it on the html page..

now the api of twitterank says that the url http://twitterank.com/api/get?id=Anand_Dasgupta&devkey=8909d7273e0ab578bde409571747fc9e (click to see) will give back the json data...the devkey has been provided by twitterank itself...

but in the code the alert message doesnt respond when i run

Any help will be deeply appreciated



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do this in Firefox with firebug, see what's really being sent and coming back –  jlarson Jul 16 '09 at 13:36

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If the alert() never fires, that tells you that the query from twitterank.com is never coming back. I would alert() the query and then try running it from a browser or telnet session to see what's happening.

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