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Does anyone know a decent Java API that could be used to plot data? (I'd say it should be 'almost' as good as Excel)

If not, any way to integrate a Java program into Excel? Currently, I have to write the output of my java program to text files, then write a macro to load the data into the Excel spread sheets and do the plotting there.

Thanks much!

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what type of charts do you need? and how much control youd like to have? much control you can gain by using github.com/prefuse/Prefuse If you want to have fast results, i'll stick with excel if i were you –  helt Jul 7 '12 at 15:29
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You can try JFreeChart. It's pretty good, open source and pretty actively devoloped. It can also be integrated with other tools such as JasperReports (if you want to output HTML and/or PDF files).

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Thanks, that looks pretty decent. (Don't want to mark this as 'answer' right now, since I'd like to have different options. :) ) –  user1508893 Jul 7 '12 at 15:21
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It supports:

  1. Complex object graph export
  2. Dynamic grouping of data
  3. Charts, Macros and many other Excel features in XLS template

and many more...

Example at Basic Chart Sample

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