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I'm using the free theme from templates-master called magento classic theme for my web store. Problem is i followed the instructions to the letter, but the left 'category' menu is expanded permanently, which is very long indeed. Also the center of the home page is blank. Even if I add a widget to show the latest products (updated every morning at 8am) it shows the paragraph ( p ) html tags, but nothing inside them. Like the template is not being converted to html for display.

The template: http://templates-master.com/magento-templates/free-classic-magento-theme.html

The install instructions: http://templates-master.com/free-classic-theme-installation-instructions

Can give URL to my website if needed. Never used stack overfow before so don't know if I can send it privately or not.

Bloortech.com is the URL

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You haven't really asked a question here. If you post a link to the actual site or some code then I would be happy to take a look and see if I can help. –  Jon Day Jul 8 '12 at 20:15
bloortech.com is the website. You can see the 'catalog' on the left is all fully expanded. and the center of the front page is empty. –  Pingspike Jul 8 '12 at 23:56
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for menu: you are missing your javascript function toggleMenu.

you are using that function but it's not defined:

<li class="level0 nav-1 parent" onmouseover="toggleMenu(this,1)" onmouseout="toggleMenu(this,0)">
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Freaky. Well there's a function for that in a js file named 'iehover-fix.js .. But there is a function with a different name that does the same thing in file dropdown.js which is on the skin/theme folder nested deep in /skin/frontend/default/f002/js Presumably the skin should have been rewritten to use that one but wasn't for some reason. This template and theme are infuriating. –  Pingspike Jul 9 '12 at 2:06
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