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I am trying out NicEdit witch is super light weight and easy to install. The problem is when I use NicEdit its working fine changing content in the textarea - but when I save my content there is no HTML tags in the post? Its all in clear text... Any ideas?

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How are you saving with NicEdit?

You can not get the value using "var variable = $("#id").val();" because that will just get the text in the textarea.

NicEdit has a built in ajax save function that you can use. Check out and click on Saving via Ajax.

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Thanks Aaron this was what I was looking for. [nicInstance].saveContent() Only for nicInstances that are replacing a <textarea> this method syncs the content of the editor with the textarea value. This is done automatically if the form with the orginal <textarea> is submitted. However, you may want to explitly do the syncing yourself. –  Ronnie Jespersen Jul 11 '12 at 21:36

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