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There is a new UITableView delegate method called something similar to cellDidEndDisplaying (like willDisplayCell:) which is called when a cell goes offscreen. This is in the new preview SDK. My question is, if I use this method, will it only work on iOS 6 devices, or iOS 5 as well?

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This information is under Apple NDA.

That being said, methods are not backwards compatible - that is, if you used a new method in iOS 4, it would not work in iOS 3. Because in your case you are overriding a delegate method, your app will not crash - the method will simply not be called. If you wanted to call a new method that doesn't exist in a previous version of iOS yourself, you'd want to ask the object if it respondsToSelector: or if it's a new class, check if NSClassFromString(@"MyClass") is nil.

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