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I am just learning java, There is a question in my mind on which i have been working on, its just not letting me sleep. I just want to make a simple application to access a web-site. there is a website onto which i want to log-in through java: http://site1.way2sms.com/content/index.html and then interact with it through my interface, basically after log in, i would be writing in some text boxes and sending it. I tried many places to do it, studied HTTP protocol but still cant make it. can someone help me out?

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Accessing a web site, logging in and interacting with forms on it is somewhat complex work, so it might not be the best choice for a first java project.

But if you want to do it, you should probably use Apache HttpComponents/HttpClient.

There are useful examples at the above link as well, which may help you get started.

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Thank you for the advice, After a bit of research i found that it is indeed something complex. –  dpanshu Jul 7 '12 at 17:01

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