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As we know Super administrators also have full access to all users' calendars and calendar event details.

I found these API's which can be used to retrieve calendar's related to a user.

i read google docs api

for getting information about a current user we use default

and for getting information about other user in the same domain

we have to replace default with user's email address.

but in calendar's api for accessing list of current user's calendar's list
we use this url

if current user is an administrator and i have to retrieve list of calendar of other user in the same domain then how to retrieve that list i tried to call response is Not is my domain and rashmi is a user so email address is i authorize my app by super administrator and successfully get access token and putting header Authorization with OAuth anonymous_access_token so there is no problem with authorization part of url.

can any one please help how to retrieve other user's calendar list in the same domain by super administrator via api call?plz.. plz.. help

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I have the same problem with a project. Did you mange to find a solution for this? – rAjA Jan 14 at 1:39

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