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I googled these days but nothing helps. I m not sure now if its possible, so I thought I just aks at stackoverflow.

The situation: The user can input a word or in a inputbox. When he finishes a function check if the word is in the array of words - easy. Now I wanna write a help, if one letter is missing or the letters are written the wrong way, a message should popout.

What are the keys to search for? I tried:

  • javascript find string in array
  • javascript find similar words in array
  • javascript regex similar words
  • ... and more

I hope you undestand what i mean, and can give me some hints.

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take a look at the Levenshtein distance here: and the implementations here:… It provides you with a metric for the similarity of words. –  peshkira Jul 7 '12 at 17:21
@peshkira that would make a good answer –  Stefan Jul 7 '12 at 21:19

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The Levenshtein distance is a metric for computing the distance between similar words. For each changed, shuffled or missing letter the distance is increased. You can read more here:

and take a reference for the implementation in different languages here:

I hope that helps and thanks for the comment up votes ;)

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See here for an algorithm to check for similarity between words.

Using the code from there, you can use array.any?{|e| e.similar?(user_input)}

You may adjust the threshold as required. Of course, this is Ruby, so you'd have to translate to javascript...

I copied the code from there:

class String

  def levenstein(other, ins=2, del=1, sub=1)

    return nil if self.nil? || other.nil?

    dm = []
    dm[0] = (0..self.length).collect { |i| i * ins}
    fill = [0] * (self.length - 1)

    for i in 1..other.length
      dm[i] = [i * del, fill.flatten] 

    for i in 1..other.length
      for j in 1..self.length
        dm[i][j] = [
          dm[i-1][j-1] + (self[i-1] == other[i-1] ? 0 : sub),
          dm[i][j-1] + ins,
          dm[i-1][j] + del


  def similar?(other, thresh = 2)
    self.levenstein(other) < thresh


# Tryout
"Foobar".similar?("Fuubar", 3) # => true
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