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I'm writing a Android NDK application, (targeted at API 8), which is based on the hello-gl2 example and so uses a single full-screen OpenGL2.0 view.

I need to bring up the on-screen keyboard and so from the info available on this site i can now bring up the keyboard, send the keyup events to my native application for processing and close the keyboard. All is well until i switch to Swype or any other more-advanced-then-stock keyboard input manager and it doesn't work.

After reading the KeyEvent developer doc class overview what i'm seeing seems to be the expected behaviour:

You should never rely on receiving KeyEvents for any key on a soft input method.

So i've been trying to work out a way to capture the output of a IME which i can then pass down to my native application. Unfortunately i'm not getting very far with this at all.

I've got this code in my extended GLSurfaceView class:

public InputConnection onCreateInputConnection(EditorInfo outAttrs)
    outAttrs.actionLabel = "";
    outAttrs.hintText = "";
    outAttrs.initialCapsMode = 0;
    outAttrs.initialSelEnd = outAttrs.initialSelStart = -1;
    outAttrs.label = "";
    outAttrs.imeOptions = EditorInfo.IME_ACTION_DONE | EditorInfo.IME_FLAG_NO_EXTRACT_UI;
    outAttrs.inputType = InputType.TYPE_NULL;

    return new BaseInputConnection(this, false);

public boolean onCheckIsTextEditor()
    return true;

And i'm calling:

public boolean showSoftInput(View view, int flags)

passing in the view returned from getCurrentFocus, from native code to display the keyboard.

Is it possible to be able to extract the text from the on-screen software keyboard not using the keyup event? Is it possible to update what i've got to be able to do this or should i be looking at a completely different method?

Apologies for the questions, as you can tell, the non-native Java side of Android development is quite new to me.

As a summary my current implementation is based on this answer which allows the soft-keyboard text to be captured using key events however i'd like to capture the text not using key events.. (possibly a TextWatcher.. though my View isn't editable?).

Many thanks for any help or advice offered,


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Just giving this question a bump as i've not been able to resolve this. I've also posted it on the Google Android developer and NDK groups without much luck. Any help/advice would be much appreciated. Andy –  aslater Jul 24 '12 at 11:52
I am facing the same issue now, keyboard input works just fine but nothing happens when swype is used. Is there any way to simulate the events? –  FDIM Jan 23 '14 at 22:39

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