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The javafx api is defined like this:

void addListener(ChangeListener<? super java.lang.Boolean> listener)

The following code..

new TextArea().focusedProperty.addListener(new ChangeListener[Boolean]() {
  def changed(observable: ObservableValue[_ <: Boolean], oldValue: Boolean, newValue: Boolean) {

..gives this error:

overloaded method value addListener with alternatives: (javafx.beans.value.ChangeListener[_ >: java.lang.Boolean])Unit (javafx.beans.InvalidationListener)Unit cannot be applied to (java.lang.Object with javafx.beans.value.ChangeListener[Boolean])

If I use java.lang.Boolean instead of Boolean, it works, but not with scala's Boolean. Why is that? Is it possible to use this api without having to type the fully qualified name?

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The problem is that in Scala, Boolean <: AnyVal <: Any, while java.lang.Boolean <: AnyRef <: Any. Since <? super java.lang.Boolean> means java.lang.Boolean or any superclass of it, you must fall into the AnyRef side of things. Unboxing is not enough; Boolean still places you on the AnyVal side of the type hierarchy even if you would box it into a java.lang.Boolean.

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