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When I run sudo supervisorctl start stage then I get ERROR (abnormal termination). Will you please take look?

Here is my file /etc/supervisord.conf. Am i missing something? thanks

file=/tmp/supervisor.sock   ; (the path to the socket file)
logfile=/tmp/supervisord.log ; (main log file;default $CWD/supervisord.log)
logfile_maxbytes=50MB       ; (max main logfile bytes b4 rotation;default 50MB)
logfile_backups=10          ; (num of main logfile rotation backups;default 10)
loglevel=info               ; (log level;default info; others: debug,warn,trace)
pidfile=/tmp/ ; (supervisord pidfile;default
nodaemon=false              ; (start in foreground if true;default false)
minfds=1024                 ; (min. avail startup file descriptors;default 1024)
minprocs=200                ; (min. avail process descriptors;default 200)

supervisor.rpcinterface_factory = supervisor.rpcinterface:make_main_rpcinterface

serverurl=unix:///tmp/supervisor.sock ; use a unix:// URL  for a unix socket

command=/home/me/envs/project/bin/python /home/me/webapps/project/ run_gunicorn -b --log-file=/tmp/stage_gunicorn.log
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What happens when you run /home/me/envs/project/bin/python /home/me/webapps/project/ run_gunicorn -b --log-file=/tmp/stage_gunicorn.log in directory /home/me/webapps/project/ as user www-data? Supervisord is just telling you that that program is not working as expected, you'll need to find out why. –  Martijn Pieters Jul 8 '12 at 10:20

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I meet the same problem as yours. As Martijn Pieters saying, it doesn't mean that something goes wrong with your supervisorctl. It just tells you that the program didn't work. You can find some error details in the log.

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You can also use supervisorctl tail <APP_NAME> to easily access the log. –  aorcsik Sep 26 '14 at 14:39

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