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I've got a java servlet which is hitting this bug when down-scaling images...


I'm trying to work out the best way to work around it and would appreciate any ideas from the community.

Thanks, Steve

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Image scaling with Java can be surprisingly complicated - I ran into lots of reproducable JVM crashes when doing batch processing, which are not related to your bug though. In the end I ended up using the external command line tool 'convert' from ImageMagick, available for the relevant platforms. Simply call it with Runtime.exec(.) and the appropriate parameters. Might be even faster than a real Java solution, but this is certainly not a good solution for all apps.

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You might want to use the Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) API. An example of how to scale an image using JAI can be found here.

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It would be simpler to use ImageMagick. It takes quite some times to learn JAI and to be able to write effective code with it. –  Alexandre Victoor Sep 23 '08 at 21:04

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