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Using the AVCam demo, I'm trying to add a delay of 5 seconds before the picture is actually taken by making the following changes in AVCamViewController.m:

- (IBAction)captureStillImage:(id)sender
    // Capture a still image
    [[self stillButton] setEnabled:NO];

    // delay picture capture by 5 seconds
myTimer = [NSTimer scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval: 5.0                                                
        target: self                                                  
        selector: @selector(pictureTimer:)                                          
        userInfo: nil                                                
        repeats: NO];

- (void) pictureTimer: (NSTimer *) timer {
    [[self captureManager] captureStillImage];

However, the completion handler in AVCamCaptureManager::captureStillImage never seems to get called (I never see the "captureStillImage completion handler" log message):

- (void) captureStillImage
    AVCaptureConnection *stillImageConnection = [AVCamUtilities connectionWithMediaType:AVMediaTypeVideo fromConnections:[[self stillImageOutput] connections]];
    if ([stillImageConnection isVideoOrientationSupported])
        [stillImageConnection setVideoOrientation:orientation];

    [[self stillImageOutput] captureStillImageAsynchronouslyFromConnection:stillImageConnection
         completionHandler:^(CMSampleBufferRef imageDataSampleBuffer, NSError *error) {
             NSLog(@"captureStillImage completion handler");

Will this just not work using an NSTimer?

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is any runtime error being printed out in your console? Is your "pictureTimer:" method declared in your "@interface" file? –  Michael Dautermann Jul 7 '12 at 19:19
No there are no runtime errors that I see. It is declared in the interface file. –  michael Jul 8 '12 at 5:35

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