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Here's my script

$terms = ['username' => $uri];
$user = $collection->findOne($terms);


array (size=4)
  '_id' => 
      public '$id' => string '4ff6e96bb0b4599016000006' (length=24)
  'username' => string 'me' (length=10)
  'name' => string 'Yes, It's me!' (length=16)

Get Name

$name = $user['name'];

But, how can i get $user['_id'] ?

I try $user['_id'] NOT WORK

Please help. Thanks


Problem solved with $user['_id']->{'$id'}

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What version of PHP and the MongoDB driver are you using? Although the var_dump output shows your _id is an ObjectId, $user['_id'] should still stringify to the public '$id' value (4ff6e96bb0b4599016000006) in your example. – Stennie Jul 9 '12 at 7:02

$user['_id']->{'$id'} is not necessary and ugly, you can simply cast it to string to get id $id = (string)$user['_id'];

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