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.NET has HttpWebRequest and WebClient for simulating a browser's requests.

I'd google it, but I'm not sure what keyword to use.

I want to write code that does does HTTP GETs and POSTs, along with cookies, in an applet or local jar and gives me back the response in a text string or some other parseable structure.

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HttpURLConnection is Java's equivalent of HttpWebRequest.

URL iurl = new URL(url);
HttpURLConnection uc = (HttpURLConnection)iurl.openConnection();
if (uc.getContentType().equalsIgnoreCase("image/jpeg"))
  result = true;
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Do You know the java Equivallent of HttpWebResponse – Sanshayan Aug 4 '15 at 10:27

Apache HTTPClient has equivalent functionality, though the APIs are not exactly the same. Oakland Software has a table comparing their commercial product with various alternatives, including the Apache product. Apache's own opinion of the built-in HttpUrlConnection (quoted from the above linked-to page) is:

The jdk has the HttpUrlConnection which is limited and in many ways flawed.

Here's a link to the HTTPClient tutorial.

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html unit for me. i can simulate javascript (to a certain extent)

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You must be referring to this: – MatthewMartin Jul 16 '09 at 15:08
I think he's actually referring to httpunit:… – jeckhart Mar 15 '11 at 16:15

Verify Webclient in Apache Cx JaxRs Library.

Checkout this:

Sample code looks below:

WebClient client = WebClient.create(url);
s = client.get(String.class);
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