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I made my own control that inherits from DataGrid to have a property named CurrentView witch is set in the event ItemsChanged I just set my property like

if (ItemsSource is DataTable)
            CurrentView = ((DataTable)ItemsSource).DefaultView;
        else if (ItemsSource is DataView)
            CurrentView = ((DataView)ItemsSource);

But sometimes when the datagrid is loaded my property takes the value but in my viewmodel in the property that is binded to CurrentView I get null. What is happening ? why if I set my CurrentView correctly I get null ?

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some of the things that you could check:

  1. Making sure CurrentView is a dependency property, to allow data binding
  2. Making sure the binding is a Two way binding
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I think that was the problem. I had it like binding.mode = TwoWay but for some reason it did not work. I just used like OneWayToSource, thanks –  Nandhi Jul 8 '12 at 18:20
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