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I'm trying to write a C++ component to upload a file on a FTP server through a FTP proxy (specified by host/port/user/password).

In a first time I tried using Qt (QNetworkAccessManager/QNetworkProxy) but for an unknown reason it does not work (when I try to upload the same file with FileZilla using the same connection parameters, it works). My code also works when I have no proxy.

In a second time, I tried with libcurl but it seems this lib does not support FTP proxy.

Any suggestion of another C++ lib I could try? or a Win32 (winsock) example?

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If you're targeting Windows, you can try using the Windows Internet APIs to implement the FTP client. I'd imagine you'll have an easier time using them rather than manually implement an FTP client atop sockets.

I haven't looked at them, but there seem to be a few samples here.

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