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I'm trying to add a monochromatic noise to an image similar to Photoshop version using command line however I can't see any option to achieve it.

I've created a code in JS that does it very well and the logic here is very simple:

Foreach pixel:

  1. Generate random noise pixel
  2. Add or subtract (random) noise pixel to/from original pixel

The create a monochromatic noise add/subtract are on a pixel not channel basis e.g.

Pi - original pixel
Pr - noise pixel

MonoPixel = Pi+Pr or Pi-Pr

Is there any way I can randomly add or subtract pixels via command line ?


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I don't think you meant to file this under the "mono" tag. You've got a monochromatic question. Mono is a lib to code in .NET crossplaform. –  ruffin Jul 8 '12 at 18:57

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You could try and build your own little shell function. Use $RANDOM (Bash environment variable which returns a random integer in the range 0..32767) and see if it is an odd or an even number. Make odd to mean + and even to mean -.

 echo $(($RANDOM % 2))

should return 1 ($RANDOM was odd) or 0 ($RANDOM was even) in random order...

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You can use the ImageMagick +noise command to add noise. To get monochromatic noise, you'll have to do something more complex where you create a separate noise image combined with a base color and composite that with your source image.

This link may be helpful: http://brunogirin.blogspot.com/2009/09/making-noise-with-imagemagick.html

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