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I want to add some text on a picture, and then send it as the content ( not as an attachment ) via email using JavaMail API ( Sending Email in Android using JavaMail API without using the default/built-in app ).

I don't know how to add it in the body of the email, and i'm thinking that, because i'm practically generating a new image, it must be in a specific format in order to be added to the email.

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You really have two questions here.

Question 1) how do I generate new images with some text. (in a format like jpg or png)

Question 2) how do I email an image as a message (but not just an attachment). You basically send an html email with an image attachment but use a cid source for an img tag. Plenty of examples like:

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Exactly. How do I generate new images with some text. (in a format like jpg or png) ? I have the image, and i have the text. – Cumatru Jul 8 '12 at 9:26

Yes, use the image APIs to generate a new image that combines the old image and the text you want to add, then send that new image in email in the normal way.

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