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I am using ARIMA with a seasonal period a "week" that has 672 measurements like follows:

Week_freq<-day_freq*7 #672
## Weekly seasonality
F.Xreg <- fourier(NEW.xx,24)
fit <-auto.arima(NEW.xx, D=0, max.P=0, max.Q=0, xreg=F.Xreg)
##new xreg fourierf
forecast(fit, h=3000, xreg=FForecast, level=0)

How can I combine this two seasonalities and use a dayly seasonality "96" in the same time as a Week seasonality together?

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First, ARIMA models do not handle large seasonal periods very well. Second, R does not allow for multiple seasonal periods in an ARIMA model. I suggest you use the tbats() function in the forecast package which handles long seasonal periods and multiple seasonality.

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thank you. I could make a progress. Thanks –  Igor Jul 9 '12 at 12:51

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