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I have stuff like: self.megacity.resourceloader.sound.mcintro.play()

Is there any elegant way to prevent such long stuff like this? Some sort of structural change, perhaps?


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x = self.megacity.resourceloader.sound.mcintro
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Look up the Law of Demeter to help you find better ways to loosen coupling between components in your program:

When applied to object-oriented programs, the Law of Demeter can be more precisely called the “Law of Demeter for Functions/Methods” (LoD-F). In this case, an object A can request a service (call a method) of an object instance B, but object A cannot "reach through" object B to access yet another object, C, to request its services. Doing so would mean that object A implicitly requires greater knowledge of object B's internal structure. Instead, B's interface should be modified if necessary so it can directly serve object A's request, propagating it to any relevant subcomponents. Alternatively, A might have a direct reference to object C and make the request directly to that. If the law is followed, only object B knows its own internal structure.

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use facade http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facade_pattern:

class SoundPlayer:
        def PlayMegacity (target):
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