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I have a trouble in using data after authorization by oAuth. So I have authorized my Twitter Streaming api by Javascript oAuth library:

var url = "";
    var accessor = {
        token: "69848552-B6geQZCA8ttirQIMKrIk47SOE541V7d5ZcYwEBUqQ",
        tokenSecret: "MY_TOKEN_SECRET",
        consumerKey: "BKsXdR3SO4hSZyFT2JevHQ",
        consumerSecret: "MY_CONSUMER_SECRET"

    var message = {
        action: url,
        method: "POST",
        parameters: {
            track: "cocacola",
            locations: "-180,-90,180,90",

OAuth.completeRequest(message, accessor);
OAuth.SignatureMethod.sign(message, accessor);
url = url + '?' + OAuth.formEncode(message.parameters);

and then I tried to make a request (explained in example):

jQuery(function(tweets) {
  , {
                tweets: {
                    'Latlng': tweets("#geo.coordinates").val(),
                    'text': tweets("#text").val(),
        }, function(tweets) {

by jQuery library. But Firebug says that my application is Unauthorized. What am I doing wrong? Hep me please, somebody.

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It is generally not recommended using client-side scripting when handling secure data like this. You might want to reconsider before you start developing. – Arjun Abhynav Jul 8 '12 at 22:05
I am sorry, but what exactly should I reconsider? – user1499804 Jul 8 '12 at 23:24

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