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I have a GWT/GAE application which works fine in Development mode, but when I deploy it to GAE, and surf to it the page is blank. The empty welcome page is served up and the module.nocache.js is executed, but it never sends a subsequent request.

I have successfully deployed the application to GAE before a number of times, but last weekend it just stopped working. I have tried an old version of the code and it fails as well, so I do not suspect that it is a change I made.

The application is at easytalealpha.appspot.com. If you visit using FireFox with FireBug on you can see it get the easytale.nocache.js, but no further requests are made.

If I compare the broken app with a working app (mtrelation.appspot.com) I see the rkui.nocache.js load and then a subsequent request is sent (http://mtrelation.appspot.com/rkui/6A8979D4EEB5FAF90446F7B81C8B0A9F.cache.html) which actually builds the application screen.

I've tried with three different browsers and see the same result on all.

I had been solving this problem http://tinyurl.com/cfucbnn and had made the changes suggested (which worked) but the deployed version of the application has the same problem regardless of the user.agent set in the module.xml.

I'm really stuck on this. Can anyone help?

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I am now reasonably certain that the easytale.nocache.js being served up by the GAE is old. It has references to js files that I no longer include in the application (all references deleted in the source). – user1161639 Jul 8 '12 at 8:52
its not the easy tale.nochace.js that is stale, its the EasyTale.gwt.xml file in the class path. For some reason when I do a clean then deploy, the old file is NOT overridden. I found this by using app cfg to download the application. – user1161639 Jul 8 '12 at 16:19

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