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I'm wondering what native cross platform languages + environments are out there.

This is similar to a few other questions that other people have asked however, there are only three requirements:

  • Cross Platform
  • Produce a standard binary file (.exe, elf, etc).
  • <25MB minimum distributable

Binaries do not have to be native in that they compile to assembly. They just need to be self hosting (not require an external VM or interpreter).

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eForth is 8MB. Full IDE ( command line ) and is ported to most any thing.

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Lazarus is a free cross-platform and open source IDE which provides a Delphi-like development experience for Pascal and Object Pascal developers. This means the IDE contains a full GUI builder and is centered around GUI development.

It is part of a project that also creates the Free Pascal compiler, which supports many dialects of Pascal, including Delphi. There is also a standard library that contains many of the basics you'd expect.

Lazarus and Free Pascal website

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