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I'm using Ruby (not Rails) and connecting a PostgreSQL database. I've been trying to get set up on Heroku, but I'm having problems starting the application. Running the application locally works fine.

My local .env looks like:


And the Ruby connect to connect to the database looks like:

@@db = => ENV['DATABASE_URL'], :dbname => '(dbname)', :password => '(password)')

When I push to Heroku the app crashes on that line, and writes this error to the logs:

could not translate host name "postgres://(my heroku db address)" to address: Name or service not known (PG::Error)

The database address there matches the DATABASE_URL in my heroku:config. I'm using a shared database.

I tried using :host => ENV['DATABASE_URL'] (as opposed to :hostaddr) but had the same result. I'm guessing there's something simple I'm missing but I haven't had any good ideas.

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I'm hesitant to post the heroku db address because it contains a username and password. It's in the format postgres://(foo)@(bar) – Alex Ghiculescu Jul 8 '12 at 3:30
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You need to parse out the specific parts of the DATABASE_URL. Please see

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Fantastic - thank you! – Alex Ghiculescu Jul 8 '12 at 4:08

Heroku's Devcenter doesn't appear to include this anymore, so here's how to do the split manually:

  db_parts = ENV['DATABASE_URL'].split(/\/|:|@/)
  username = db_parts[3]
  password = db_parts[4]
  host = db_parts[5]
  db = db_parts[7]
  conn = =>  host, :dbname => db, :user=> username, :password=> password)

Courtesy Grio.

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