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<span class="movie_info_actors">
<a href="/?actor_name=Billy Connolly">Billy Connolly</a>
<a href="/?actor_name=Craig Ferguson">Craig Ferguson</a>
<a href="/?actor_name=Emma Thompson">Emma Thompson</a>
<a href="/?actor_name=John Ratzenberger">John Ratzenberger</a>
<a href="/?actor_name=Julie Walters">Julie Walters</a>
<a href="/?actor_name=Kelly Macdonald">Kelly Macdonald</a>
<a href="/?actor_name=Kevin McKidd">Kevin McKidd</a>
<a href="/?actor_name=Patrick Doyle">Patrick Doyle</a>
<a href="/?actor_name=Robbie Coltrane">Robbie Coltrane</a>
<a href="/?actor_name=Sally Kinghorn">Sally Kinghorn</a>

I am trying to extract the actor names and then separate the names with commas using JSoup. For example: Billy Connolly , Craig Ferguson, Emma Thompson

This is my code:

String Actor ="span.movie_info_actors").text();
System.out.println(Actor + ", " );
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I think it should be

Elements actors ="span.movie_info_actors > a");
StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();
for (Element actor : actors) {
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Thanks!! I just added a comma, and it works!! – user872009 Jul 8 '12 at 4:54
Cool, I missed the comma :) – vikas Jul 8 '12 at 4:58

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