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There is a feature (or bug - see Chrome doesn't delete session cookies question - likely issue 128513) in Chrome 20 (or chrome 19). There is an option "Clear cookies and other site and plug-in data when I close my browser" - disabled; and "continue where I left of" - enabled. With such settings Chrome will save session cookies (which are marked to be deleted when browser closes) even after closing a browser. Even https (secure) cookies will be saved.

(And I double-checked that Chrome was closed and there was no any running Chrome here)

So, the question:

How Chrome saves such session-only cookies in UserDir (in the direcory of all user settings, it is like firefox's Profiles)? Let's assume that chrome is closed and we have full access to UserDir and registry.

Where cookies are stored? Are they in SQLite or in other ondisk format? Are they crypted or not?

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