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Is there a way to "Undelete" an issue which was deleted?

The developer thought it was a duplicate issue, but instead of closing it as "Duplicate" it was deleted. But the issues contains some "notes" which are useful.


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noselasd Mantis is just a simple php issue tracking application. Server Fault is for server system administration isn't it? I don't think it belongs on serverfault. –  Pradeep Jul 16 '09 at 17:26

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Looking at the Mantis code, I see some inserts on to a table called mantis_bug_history_table whenever a modification/deletion happens to bugs.

But unfortunately the bug text doesn't seem to be archived :|

Wthout a backup of the db it might be impossible to recover.

Another thing is you shouldn't have the delete option turned on in your Mantis workflow for anyone especially a developer.

You can change that by logging on to Mantis as admin. Then navigate to Manage -> Manage Configuration-> Workflow Thresholds, uncheck all roles for "Delete an Issue" and save your changes. This is for future reference.

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I confirm that it is not possible to perform an undelete - once the record's been removed from the DB, it's gone for good (unless of course your RDBMS allows for recovery, or to restore from backups as previously suggested) –  dregad Oct 1 '12 at 13:03

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