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I want to pass name in get variable. That name contain spaces. So is not working in php.

echo "<a href=tutorials.php?$facid>" . $row['Facultyname']. "</a><p>";

Please help me if Faculty name =A.K. Sharma then it only send A.K.

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see this post this might help. stackoverflow.com/questions/5616089/… Its been long that I have worked with PHP, but spaces works fine as far as I remember. –  ManMohan Vyas Jul 8 '12 at 6:58
Any particular reason you're using $facid and $row['Facultyname'] in your echo statement? They're same value, could use $facid for both? –  DACrosby Jul 8 '12 at 6:59

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Encode the URL:

echo '<a href="tutorials.php?variable_name='.urlencode($row['Facultyname']).'">' 
     . $row['Facultyname']. '</a>';

EDIT: Set a variable name for the GET.

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Looks like you're not actually setting a variable after the ?, you're just pasting the value. Try:

$facid = $row['Facultyname'];
echo "<a href='tutorials.php?facid=". urlencode($facid) ."'>". $facid ."</a>";
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