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I can see from the AWS console that my RDS instance is being backed up once a day. From the FAQ I understand that it is being backup on S3. But when I use the console to view my S3 buckets, I don't see the RDS backup.


  1. How do I get my hands on my RDS backup?
  2. Once I have it how do I use it to restore my DB i.e is it a regular mysqldump file or something else?
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OK - I see it under the DB snapshots, Automated Snapshots (Had it selected to Manual Snapshots and hence could not see it)

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RDS snapshot as well as EBS snapsots are stored in S3, but not accesible via the S3 interface. You can restore a whole database be clicking "Restore Snapshot" from the AWS Management Console.

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I had the same issue, what I did is I wrote a simple bash script to do this for me, but I works fine in a single region, it doesnt work with multiple regions, here is the script http://geekospace.com/back-up-and-restore-the-database-between-two-aws-ec2-instances/

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