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I'm accepting web address input from a form, however some URL's are formatted incorrectly like this (dont ask):


What I want to do is detect if only one forward slash is present and add a second one.

I've never been any good at regular expressions, so I tried it with a combination of substr and parse_url to pick out the scheme, then strip it. But it was a bit of a mess and stripped valid URL's adding a triple /// in the scheme and taking out letters from the hostname in some cases.

Help please :)

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use this regular expression: '.*:/[a-zA-Z].*'

it will be matches with:


and do not matches with:

then replace your invalid characters using replace(i dont know what language you are using):

url = myUrl.replace(url,':/','://')
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Thanks for that, idea works perfect. – James Napier Jul 8 '12 at 10:01

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