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I have this QuerySet:

brand = get_object_or_404(Brand, shortcut=shortcut)
ads = Ad.objects.filter(mod__submodel__model__brand = brand).values('id')

But for some reason django executes the same query 5 times (number of queries does not depend on numbers of rows). Here is it:

SELECT ••• FROM "catalog_ad" INNER JOIN "catalog_mod" ON ("catalog_ad"."mod_id" = "catalog_mod"."id") INNER JOIN "catalog_submodel" ON ("catalog_mod"."submodel_id" = "catalog_submodel"."id") INNER JOIN "catalog_model" ON ("catalog_submodel"."model_id" = "catalog_model"."id") WHERE "catalog_model"."brand_id" = 1 LIMIT 21

So why does django execute the same query 5 times?

UPD: this only happens when I pass ads to context processor like this:

return render(request, 'cat.html', {ads:ads})
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This was a very silly problem. This only happens when django can't find required template and DEBUG is set to true.

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