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when im running emgu on visual studio development server i get this error:

An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format. (Exception from HRESULT:0x8007000B)

but when i running debug on local iis web server it works fine. it happen on the first code line of emgu that im using:

Image<Bgr, Byte> image = new Image<Bgr, byte>(imagePath);

this line bind the file in the emgu dll

i allready try to compile emgu on 86 and 64 target and moved those dlls to my project but it didnt make any diffrente still i couldnt run my project on the development server

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Try to compile to x86 and enable 32 bit in the server iis: App pool -> advanced settings -> enable 32-bit applications

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iv done that, now like as i describe my problame the development web server give me the error above and the local iis is working,but on my real server its act like the development server error – roy.d Jul 8 '12 at 12:46

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