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How to convert MBR disk to GPT?

When I am trying to install Windows 8, occures error: win8 won't install on mbr partition!

so, I think that the only one way is to convert disk MBR to GPT.

but, I have another problem tooo: I have only one Hard Drive (Disk 0). here you can see it: http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/8495/disk0drive.png

I tried to delete all additional partitions (D and E), so left only C drive with no any partitions. and because this drive is System drive, where windows is installed, "converting to GPT" feature is disabled.

So, can you help me how to convert the "disk 0" to GPT, or if you know another way ust to install Windows 8 on my PC


P.S I have all my files and data backed up into my flash drive, so I don'k care if anything or everything will be deleted or removed during the convertion from MBR to GPT.

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