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In my T-SQL code, I use WITH for reading data from a table. After reading, I want use WHILE to get items (first item, second item, ...) from WITH results and delete items from it.

Please see my code :

With Rep(SubjectId) As
    SELECT [SubjectID] FROM [BookSubjects]
        WHERE [BookID] = @BookID
        SELECT @SubjectID = SubjectID FROM Rep          
        SELECT @Result = @Result + CAST(@SubjectID AS varchar(10))
        DELETE FROM Rep WHERE SubjectID = @SubjectID

I guess I can't delete items result from WITH! But my other question is how can I set a identity(1,1) column to WITH parameters ?

In declare temp table, I use this :

 @ID Int Identity(1,1)

How can I define identity for WITH parameters ?

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I think you are looking for somthing like this :

create table BookSubjects(SubjectID int,BookID int)
insert into BookSubjects(SubjectID ,BookID ) values(1,10)
insert into BookSubjects(SubjectID ,BookID ) values(2,20)
insert into BookSubjects(SubjectID ,BookID ) values(3,30)
insert into BookSubjects(SubjectID ,BookID ) values(4,40)
insert into BookSubjects(SubjectID ,BookID ) values(5,50)
insert into BookSubjects(SubjectID ,BookID ) values(6,60)
insert into BookSubjects(SubjectID ,BookID ) values(2,10)
insert into BookSubjects(SubjectID ,BookID ) values(2,10)
insert into BookSubjects(SubjectID ,BookID ) values(3,10)
insert into BookSubjects(SubjectID ,BookID ) values(4,10)
insert into BookSubjects(SubjectID ,BookID ) values(5,10)
insert into BookSubjects(SubjectID ,BookID ) values(6,10)

select * from BookSubjects

       ;With Rep As
            SELECT [SubjectID],[BookID] FROM [BookSubjects]
            WHERE [BookID] = 10
        , Rep1 As
            select ',' + cast(t.[SubjectID]  as varchar(100))
            from Rep t
            where Rep.[BookID]  = t.[BookID] 
            order by t.[SubjectID] 
            for xml path('')
        ),1,1,'') as name_csv
        from Rep
        group by [BookID]

        select * from rep1

i use another With clause after first With an in the second With( Named Rep1) I convert rows return two comma seperated colomn. you can change to your need.

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The original code deletes the entries... –  Lucero Jul 9 '12 at 1:14

Common Table Expressions (WITH ...) can only precede single SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE or MERGE statements. However, your code seems to be very complicated for what it does.

This should do the same as your code, but it is much much more efficient:

DECLARE @delSubjects TABLE (
  id int NOT NULL
DELETE BookSubjects
  OUTPUT DELETED.SubjectID INTO @delSubjects 
  WHERE BookID=@BookID;
SET @result = (
  SELECT id+' ' 
  FROM @delSubjects 

(Link to Fiddle)

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