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I'm having a problem with a HTML form (name, e-mail, subject, message), I can't validate the form if it was completed correct or not. I want to call a javascript function when the form is submitted and alert if a field wasn't completed correct.

My problem is with the submit button, because my boss said that I must use he's own php function to insert a submit button. The php function looke like:

function normal_button($text, $width, $param = '', $class = 'button-blue')
    $content = '<div class="'.$class.'" style="width:'.$width.'px;" '.$param.'>'.$text.'</div>';

    return $content;

and how I call the function:

echo normal_button('Send it', '100', 'onclick="document.getElementById(\'emailForm\').submit();" ');

I tried to call the js function declaring the onSubmit="return checkForm(this)" in the <form action='email.php' method='post'> HTML form, but I can't "catch" the submit. Also I tried to catch it with jquery, $(document).ready(function() { $('.normal_button').click(function() { }); ); but I can't return false if a field wasn't completed correct.

I must use he's PHP function to insert the submit button, but how can I "catch" the fields, how can I validate them? Any suggestions? Thank you !

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you are not inserting a submit button, you`re inserting a <div> –  Samson Jul 8 '12 at 8:49
You don't say :-) –  Reteras Remus Jul 8 '12 at 8:50
and show the whole form and the checkForm(this) function –  Samson Jul 8 '12 at 8:50

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First of all, set ID for that form and for sbmit DIV button.

<form action='email.php' method='post' id='mailForm'>


echo normal_button('Send it', '100', 'id="mailFormSubmit"');

then do check with jQuery:

    // fields check code goes here


    // if all fields are OK, then submit form
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