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According to this slide


Does it mean I have to use XAML view with C# if I want to develop a metro styled application?

Can I use a HTML/JS/CSS - C# combination with event handlers and all? Something like ASP.NET Webforms/MVC . I know it is not the same client server architecture, but since metro styled apps support HTML/JS, I was wondering.

I can use Win-JS. But can I rather write C# than Javascript, and use HTML rather than XAML?(I dont know XAML and I like C#)

All the C# samples I found online use XAML.

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Perhaps you can write portions of your program logic in C# and package it as a library and then create a HTML5/JS app that references the C# Library. That way you should only need to use JS for the parts that are directly related to UI functions and C# for the rest.

I will point out that I haven't tried it yet, but Bill in this thread says that he got it to work.

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No, you can only use XAML with C#, or HTML+CSS+JS. But XAML is great markup language, so I think you able to use it.

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Don't write answers before you search it :) Look at my answer. –  NAKRO Dec 14 '12 at 15:53

You can create a "WinMD" library in c# (or c++) that can be invoked from JavaScript. There are a ton of limitations that WinMD libraries have over normal .net libraries and the usage model would be would at all like ASP.NET MVC. Frankly, unless you have a lot of business logic in c# already or if you want to reuse a bunch of code in Win8 Metro apps spanning both HTML and XAML, this WinMD thing is more hassle than its worth.

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According to MSDN - Dev Center - Metro style apps you can use C#/VB/C++ and XAML and JavaScript and HTML5 to develop a metro styled application (for Windows8/WindowsPhone).

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