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after using my App created with PhoneGap + iOS for some time, the app crashes with following error message:

[UIWebOverflowScrollView _viewDelegate]: message sent to deallocated instance 0x21e330

I have no idea why this problem is happening. I can not reproduce the error, it happens just suddenly. I am aware that this problem is related to any kind of object that has been released, but as I am using PhoneGap (+ QrCode Plugin) I am sure that this problem is related to Phonegap or to the BarcodeScanner plugin. Could someone give me any insights on how to solve this problem? I have updated to the new PhoneGap version 1.9.0.

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Do you use "-webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch" in your CSS?

We had the same problem with our phonegap-app, it sometimes crashed with the same error message (and sometimes only locked up the upper screen), and it got fixed by removing that said bit of CSS.

If you are using "-webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch", perhaps test if you can get your app to crash without it?

See for more info on the said bug and possible solutions.

We solved the situation by using iScroll instead of the CSS.

Sorry for the late answer, we just got our problem fixed :P.

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