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I am new to WPF so I have a question .

I have a windows application project that contains a WPF UserContorl ( called PaintingArea) which has to communicate with a WindowsFormUserControl ( called Keyboard ) .

The " PaintingArea" is hosted in a parent form using an ElementHost1. Now, the "keyboard" will have to appear when I finish drawing a text box in " PaintingArea".

Is there anyway that I can make the "PaintingArea" invoke(call) the " Keyboard" (WPF UserControl calling WindowsFormUserControl) ? and vise verca?

Should I use Event Handlers?How?

Or convert the " Keyboard" to a wpf UserControl then try to call it from "PaintingArea" (A WPF UserControl call another WPF UserControl)?How?

What is the best approach to do such communication?

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If you wish to host a WPF-Usercontrol in Windows Forms application, you can use the control ElementHost. This control has a property called Child to which you can assign an instance of an UIElement.

Furthermore, if you are looking for good examples, Code Project has one.

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Yes , thank you . I had a little problem when I tried to do that .It seems like my " PaintingArea" doesn't recognize or see any children ! I will see the link and get back to you. –  Eng. Sanabell Jul 8 '12 at 15:23
Sorry ,it didn't help. I have a problem with my painting area , it can not see any other component ! How can I be able to call a WindowsFormUserControl ( Keyboard) , from the WPF UserControl (PaintingArea)?? Please, help ! –  Eng. Sanabell Jul 11 '12 at 9:36
msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms742215.aspx : A walk-through for hosting wpf control in windows form. hope it help. PS: I don't have much idea what problems you are facing, because you have not provided any code yet. –  Ebad Masood Jul 11 '12 at 12:06

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