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I have a Windows Phone 7 RSS reader app (for Blogger blogs) that allows the user to add posts to a favourites list. Right now, the favourites list is just theirs and the blog owner doesn't know which posts are in it; but in the next update, I'd like to add code that notifies the writer that their post has been favourited every time the add to favourites button has been tapped.

Originally, I thought I could just post a comment to the blog post with a name of 'WP7 User' and a comment saying 'I just favourited this post!' but looking at the Blogger API, it doesn't seem like that can be done.

So does anyone have any better ideas for notifying the blog owner, or does anyone know a way to do it my original way?

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That sounds extremely annoying. What's the value of those comments? – Mat Jul 8 '12 at 11:35
The comments aren't important, it doesn't have to be comments at all, that was just the only way I could think of. The value is that the blog writer knows which of their posts are most popular. I need a way to let them know that their post has been favourited on an app - just a count of how many people have liked it. – user1349655 Jul 8 '12 at 11:47

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