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I have a windows application connected with MS Access 2007 database

It had more than 300 records in Customer Table.

I have deleted all records. but after inserting a new record CustomerID returns 301; but I want to set it to 1.

I tried the following query:

ALter Table Customer alter column CustomerID Counter(1,1)

but it doesn't work

How can I reset an identity column in MSAccess??


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On the operational side, you can drop an readd the column.

On the strategic side, I think you should rethink the problem: If the value of an identity column, apart from being unique, matters to you, you might be heading in a dangerous direction: You should think of such a column as being completly without content, apart from being a way to uniquely address a row.

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If you really must reset the autonumber, and you should first consider @Eugene Rieck's answer, you can compact and repair the database, which is something you should be doing with a back-end database on a fairly regular basis, anyway.

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See here. The key is:

strSql = "ALTER TABLE [" & strTable & "] ALTER COLUMN [" & strAutoNum & "] COUNTER(" & lngNext & ", 1);"

Alternatively, just drop and recreate the table.

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