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I'm the midst of creating a form inside a dialog window with jQuery.

I'm currently loading a partial view with the jQuery load() function, and then adding the view into a jQuery UI dialog box. The partial view contains an html form which also contains a validation script in the markup.

This is how I load the view and instantiate the dialog window:

$('<div/>').load('/controller/view #targetDiv').dialog();

Unfortunately the load() function discards the script inside the partial view. :(

The validation script is important since it makes ajax calls to the form controller on an 'input blur' event, and returns the server side form-validation response. This means that the validation script must run continuously on the form inside the dialog.

The problem is that I load the view but there is no javascript.

Are there any solutions to this problem?

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you can save the javascript codes in a separate .js file and use getScript() method.

Load a JavaScript file from the server using a GET HTTP request, then execute it.

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